Several of the characters from Out of the Shadows have kindly agreed to fill out a short character questionnaire. Here are their answers:



Name: Sachi Manning

Date of Birth: December 12, 1998 Melbourne, Australia

Date of Death: Which one?

Height: Fun-sized! Otherwise known as five foot nothing.

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown—booorrrriiinnngggg

Occupation: Waitress at the Riverside Tavern—you want the best coffee in Melbourne? That’s where you need to go!

Nicknames: Shorty, Short Stuff etcetera—all very original as you can see.

Best Friend: Gabe. I don’t care if he’s been turned into a soul-sucking monster, he’s still my best friend. I mean, would you abandon your best friend just because his favourite snack is no longer a McDonald’s Big Mac? I didn’t think so!

Favourite Quote: ‘Do or do not, there is no try’ – Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Theme song: Definitely Shake it Out by Florence and the Machine—it’s my ringtone.

*Author’s note: The Riverside Tavern doesn’t actually exist—don’t go there looking for coffee



Name: Julian Hawthorne

Date of Birth: January 24, 1856 Herefordshire, England

Date of Death: October 11, 1876 London, England

Height: 6’3”

Hair Colour: Dark blonde

Eye Colour: Grey

Occupation: Reaper for The Order of Dark and Light, Tracker Tier

Nicknames: Moss calls me Jules—presumably because he knows I don’t like it.

Best Friend: Moss, although he’s more like a brother than a friend.

Favourite Quote: ‘Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall’ – Measure for Measure

Theme song: Well, I prefer classical music but Ashlee assigned me Demons by Imagine Dragons. Moss played it for me and now I feel as though Ashlee doesn’t care for me all that much. Although, perhaps given the amount of physical abuse I was made to endure during the first book that should have been obvious.



Name:  Thomas Griffin

Date of Birth:  July 1, 1857 Manhattan, New York

Date of Death: October 12,1876 Manhattan, New York

Height: 5’10”

Hair Colour: Dark brown

Eye Colour: Green

Occupation: Praetor—the most elite of all The Order’s Reapers. Of course.

Nicknames: Tell me, do I look like the kind of person who would have a nickname?

Best Friend: Any kind of attachment, such as friendship is just another weakness for an enemy to exploit.

Favourite Quote: ‘Even Death has a heart’ – The Book Thief

Theme song: Apparently it is Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional. Read into that what you will.



Name: Mirela Pankova

Date of Birth: May 5, 1742 Rural Russia

Date of Death: August 18, 1764 Paris, France

Height: 5’7”

Hair Colour: Chestnut brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Occupation: I suppose you could call me ‘self-employed’

Nicknames: Mira is a nickname of sorts.

Best Friend: I left all my friends behind when I ran from The Order. Everyone except Maxx…

Favourite Quote: ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’ – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Theme song: First by Cold War Kids



Name: Moss. Yep, just the one name–like Cher. Or Jesus.

Date of Birth: February 4, 1973 Palm Beach, Florida

Date of Death: February 8, 1994 Lake Tahoe, California

Height: Right on six foot

Hair Colour: Got some kick-ass blonde dreads happenin’

Eye Colour: Blue

Occupation: One of the best Trackers in The Order

Nicknames: Moss is a nickname—I could tell you my real name but then I’d have to kill you. No, seriously—no one’s ever getting that outta me.

Best Friend: Jules

Favourite Quote: ‘You win or you die’ – Game of Thrones

Theme song: It’s All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers, which is totally awesome, just like me.



Name: Flynn Jacobsen

Date of Birth: May 4, 1995 Richmond, Virginia

Date of Death: Well, despite what they’ve said on the TV I’m not actually dead.

Height: A bit under six foot—not even an inch. A centimetre maybe. Let’s just say six foot, hmm?

Hair Colour: It’s kinda a sandy blondy brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Occupation: That’s classified

Nicknames: I can’t imagine any nicknames from my former life would be relevant now

Best Friend: All my friends think I’m dead. Thanks for bringing that up again

Favourite Quote: ‘Yippee ki yay, mother f***er’ – Die Hard. Wait…am I allowed to say f***?

Theme song: Who the hell has their own theme song?…

…O-kay, apparently I do. It’s Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Is it just me or are all these theme songs ridiculously dramatic?