Review – Sharp Zero Webcomic

If you’ve never gotten into webcomics before, this is a great place to start. Sharp Zero is a young adult LGBTQI leaning comic created by the exceptionally talented Robotsharks about a teenaged guy who gets ‘superpowers’ after being exposed to a substance called Sharp Zero. There is a huge cast of awesome characters including people… Continue reading Review – Sharp Zero Webcomic


Blind Girl: A Day in the Life

So it’s been a little while since our last episode—would you believe I haven’t had a dumb blind moment in all that time? Never fear, however, I’ve pulled something out of the vault and dusted it off purely for your enjoyment. Here’s… Episode Three I live pretty close to an incredibly busy shopping strip, which… Continue reading Blind Girl: A Day in the Life

Blind Girl: A Day in the Life

I like to believe I have something of a sense of humour. It’s something that has been handed down through generations of my family and distributed equally amongst me and my siblings. Okay… maybe not equally. My older sister doesn’t like stand-up for some insane reason, and she didn’t ‘get’ Life of Brian (seriously? Wtf?).… Continue reading Blind Girl: A Day in the Life